Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bucket List of the Damned

Why bother with a Bucket List? I think it helps us focus on goals we’d actually like to achieve, if the idea is that the stated goals are items we’d actually regret not having accomplished should we find ourselves on our deathbed. There are few items on my Bucket List, which hopefully means I am content with much of my life (having not taken the time for a full retrospect). At any rate, this is my Bucket List…

Category 1: Because

·        Make one million dollars
·        Make a notable contribution to philosophy
·        Write a notable work of fiction (that isn’t philosophy)
·        Study martial arts
·        Record a “real” music album

Category 2: Simple Things

·        Skydive or bungee jump
·        Scuba dive (I’m in the right place, at least)
·        Brew my own beer
·        Read 10 books in one year (just to help me focus on getting through ONE book in a timely fashion)
·        Spear-fish, prepare and eat what I catch (again, I’m in the right place)

Category 3: Travelling

·        Go to any city for The Electric Daisy Carnival (preferably Vegas or London)
·        Go to Australia and New Zealand
·        Return to Japan
·        Europe (UK, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Scandinavia)
·        Iceland
·        Maybe China

And that’s about it. Not terribly interesting, I admit. But, maybe this will keep me focused. Or not.

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