Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What I've Learned From 80s Music

I often lament that Hawaii (where I live) is perpetually stuck in the 70’s. I think that might be changing, and Hawaii is finally entering the Me Decade. With this in mind and my wife playing 80’s music even though she’s not even drinking, I’m taking a moment to reflect on the music that changed my life, teaching me valuable lessons as a grew from a boy into the taller boy I am today. So what have I learned?

1)    Don’t stop believing. You gotta have faith-a-faith-a-faith.
2)    If a dude looks like a lady, it’s because of those Bette Davis eyes.
3)    According to war correspondent Huey Lewis and the News, love is a battlefield.
4)    Cruel summers are made all the worse when you are hot for teacher.
5)    You might be my lucky star but I a-am the warrior.
6)    Relax, don’t do it, and you’ll be like a virgin.
7)    There’s only one cure for a love song.
8)    If you want a new drug, you should spent one night in Bangkok.
9)    Every Yankee rose has its thorn.
10)  When the phone rings and I wonder, “Who can it be now?” it’s usually London calling.
11)  Even when I wear my sunglasses at night, your true colors come shining through.
12)  When I’m hungry like the wolf, I want candy.
13)  There are several transportation options: Walk this way, walk like an Egyptian, jump, bust a move, or push it, push it real good.
14)  I go right into the danger zone when I’m dancing with myself.
15)  One thing leads to another, but only in my dreams.
16)  I need a vacation. It’s urgent.
17)  She works hard for the money, usually from 9 to 5.
18)  You can make love out of nothing at all. It’s magic.
19)  S-s-s. A-a-a. F-f-f. E-e-e. T-t-t. Y-y-y. Spells “safety.”
20)  If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for it’s because you’re where the streets have no names.
21)  It hurts so good when you hit me with your best shot.
22)  Girls just want to have fun. Particularly Mickey; she blows my mind.
23)  I’m never gonna give you up because you’re my obsession.
24)  I’ve got Jenny’s number but it’s Gloria who won’t pick up the phone.
25)  Beware of careless whispers. Voices carry.

Have fun coming up with your own. A little nostalgia goes a long way.

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